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The major headlines in sports over the weekend circled all sports.


And in the NFL, things just keep getting worse for former golden boy Brady Quinn.  The Browns have already brought in QB Seneca Wallace from Seattle, and on Saturday, they brought in a BIG gun — signing long-time Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme.  Delhomme had a train wreck of a season last year, and knew his days were numbered in Carolina (even though they signed him to a monster contract just a season before).  Well, he got paid big money to leave Carolina and also big money to join Cleveland as a potential and likely starter.  Delhomme’s signing is pretty much an indicator that Brady Quinn is trade bait either before or during the NFL draft.  It is very likely he will play a back-up role next season.  Sorry Brady.

Elsewhere in the NFL, LaDainian Tomlinson has finally decided on a new home.  That home — New York, as Tomlinson signed with the Jets.  There was speculation that Tomlinson would join the Vikings, and many thought if he did, that’s a sure-fire indicator that Brett Favre is coming back.  But, he opted for the Jets, and that’s a great alternative.  The Jets will definitely be contenders next season, and if there’s anything that Tomlinson wants bad it’s that Super Bowl ring — something he was always so close to with the Chargers.  But, does he have anything left in the tank?


In the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks were trying to protect a 13 game winning streak.  They’re the hottest team in the NBA right now, but keeping a streak alive in the NBA is very tough.  They needed to protect their home court against the New York Knicks.  The Knicks are abysmal this season, and many thought they would get clobbered, but you can never underestimate a “revenge game” in the NBA.  Earlier in the season, the Mavs went into New York and absolutely clobbered the Knicks.  They were up by as many as 53 at one point.  Well, NBA players don’t like this and don’t forget about it.  With that said, the Knicks went into Dallas and smushed them and their streak.  It was a complete blowout.  Maybe we all shouldn’t start picking the Mavs to win the title just yet.  New York 128, Dallas 94.
Finally, the March Madness brackets were released.  There was some mystery as to who would nab those #1 seeds, and the questions were finally answered.  It’ll be Kansas in the Midwest, Syracuse in the West, Kentucky in the East, and Duke in the South.  Now, while these are four great teams, this year, more than many in the past, is VERY tough to call.  The field is very deep this year, and all the #1 seeds have shown their vulnerability during the course of the season.  Kansas is shaky, Syracuse has some injury concerns, Duke is erratic, and Kentucky is very young and inexperienced.  There’s a chance none make it to the Final Four.  It’s going to be an amazing tourney!

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