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In the NFL, a major rule change.  There has been much gripe over the years about the NFL’s Sudden Death overtime system.  Currently, here’s how it works.  If the game ends in a tie, there’s a coin toss, and the first team to score wins the game.  Therefore, if the team that wins the coin-toss kicks a field goal, the game is over — the other team doesn’t get a chance.  Well… that’s still how it’s going to work, except for the playoffs, when there is a lot more at stake.

So here’s the new rule.  There is a coin toss, and the winner can still win the game outright with a touchdown.  However, if the the team only kicks a field goal, the other team will get a chance to win the game with a touchdown or tie the game again with a field goal.  If they kick a field goal, then the game goes to sudden death on the next possession.  This creates new drama and new strategy in the NFL.  The reason the NFL is the most profitable and popular is because they adapt to fan and player gripes.  They try to always keep things interesting.  Only recently did they add the 2-point conversion because it added a new element of strategy to the game.  You have to give this league credit for keeping us entertained year by year.

Kyle OrtonElsewhere in the NFL, there was talk that newly acquired Brady Quinn might compete for the starting job with the Denver Broncos, even though they already have Kyle Orton.  This always creates a compelling off-season debate and QB controversy.  However, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels came out and publicly stated today that Kyle Orton is the bonafide starter for Denver.  This is a good thing because it allows the entire offense to know which player they can expect to call the shots.  This is better for team rhythm and chemistry and the media doesn’t crowd the clubhouse with speculation and secretive drama as to the starting Quarterback.  Smart coaching move from McDaniels.

LeSean McCoyFinally in the NFL, with the release of long-time star running back Brian Westbrook, the Philadelphia Eagles were looking to get some help in the backfield.  They will have 2nd year man LeSean McCoy taking the bulk of the carries, but they just added one of the heroes from the 2009 season.  Mike Bell, the surprisingly effective running back from the New Orleans Saints will join the Eagles squad next year.  This gives the Eagles a very dynamic rushing attack to go with their high-powered aerial game.  They could be a very exciting team to watch next season.

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