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After three exciting weeks, the Olympics finally came to an end.  The main event yesterday was easily the highly anticipated United States v. Canada Gold Medal Hockey Game.  This was an amazing deal for both sides.  Here’s why:  Canada is the best Hockey country in the world.  Playing home to the Olympics was their chance to shine and let the country celebrate.  However, they suffered a surprising loss to the United States last week, which made their route to the Gold much tougher.  They had to beat some strong teams just to get in this match.  For the U.S., it’s a gigantic honor just to be in the game.  The U.S. isn’t even ranked in the top 4 Hockey countries in the world. They had no business (1) beating Canada, and (2) competing for a Gold medal on the Olympics’ final day. To win the game would be absolutely astonishing.  Remember, the US is playing with amateurs essentially and a lot of retired players.

Sidney CrosbyWell, Canada got on the board first with a goal from Jonathan Toews.  In the second period, they got up 2-0 from a goal by Corey Perry and it looked like it would be another Canada blow-out.  But then, USA’s Ryan Kesler put in a goal.  2-1.  And in the third period, with the game winding down to a Canada victory, out of the blue, USA’s Zach Parise scored a goal with just 25 seconds left.  It was simply amazing, and the crowd went nuts.  We were in the middle of the greatest Olympic hockey game ever played, and it was headed to sudden death overtime.  OT went a strong 12 minutes without a score, but then, guess who, Sidney Crosby, the best player in the NHL and Stanley Cup champion hit a beautiful shot for Canada to take home the gold.  How fitting.  Canada got their top spot… and they deserved it.  Canada 3, USA 2.


In college basketball, it was a rough weekend for the top teams.  #1 Kansas went into Oklahoma State and got trounced.  OK St. just had their number.  And #2 Kentucky, after avenging their only loss of the season to South Carolina on Thursday, making a statement that the loss was a fluke and they didn’t plan to lose again… got beat by #17 Tennessee.  What happened there? And finally, #3 Purdue got beat on their home floor by #14 Michigan State.  Predicting this year’s NCAA Tournament is going to be quite difficult.  The Top 3 teams in the nation lost to very average teams this weekend.  You can’t rely on them to win anything with ease.  It should be a chaotically fun time.

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