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In the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks are the hottest team in the NBA right now with a 12 game winning streak.  They are practically at full health, and new additions Caron Butler, DeShawn Stevenson, and Brendan Haywood from the Wizards are seemingly the missing pieces that could give the Mavs a title.  All they needed to do for the 13th win was beat the NBA worst New Jersey Nets in Dallas.   Well, oddly, this wasn’t easy.  In fact, New Jersey jumped out to a huge lead in the first half.  They led at the break 47-39.  Not too bad for the worst team in the league.  In the second half, however, the Mavs came surging back behind another marvelous night for Jason Kidd (20 points and 9 assists).  And all was said and done, the Mavs were on top.  That’s 14 in a row for Dallas.  Dallas 96, New Jersey 87.


Antonio Bryant.JPGIn the NFL, as reported 2 days ago, the Cincinnati Bengals were apparently looking into nabbing free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens.  Their current star receiver, Chad Ochocinco, wanted them to pick up Owens to take pressure off him.  But, yesterday the Bengals added veteran Antonio Bryant to their roster.  Bryant served as a very efficient receiver for a lowly Tampa Bay team, and perhaps in a land with a better quarterback (Carson Palmer) he could truly have some great numbers.  This doesn’t mean Owens won’t play for the Bengals too, but it makes you think that Cincy is content at the wide receiver spot.

Over in Cleveland, the Browns just let go of back-up QB Derek Anderson.  And now, it appears that they are ready to do away with Brady Quinn as well.  Quinn was drafted by the Browns (in what seems like many moons ago) to be their golden boy quarterback.  Quinn was a standout at Notre Dame, but has simply not panned out in the NFL.  The Browns are hoping to get solid draft picks for Quinn and appear to be starting over in a big way.  Sorry Browns fans, your team may not make the playoffs for a few seasons.

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