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In the NBA, LeBron may not have decided if he’s staying or leaving Cleveland yet, but he has made up his mind on one thing:  He’s changing uniform numbers.  Up until this point, James has worn #23.  However, everybody knows that #23 belongs to the infamous Michael Jordan.  LeBron said that he wants to let MJ keep the #23 legacy, and he will go with #6 — the number he adorned in the Olympics.  Remember, MJ was LeBron’s hero growing up, and this gesture is out of respect to Jordan.  Then again, LeBron also knows that he could potentially brand the #6 without any MJ references if he went to a big market, endorsement city like New York.

In women’s college basketball, the dominant UCONN Huskies have won their last 69 games.  That goes back to last season, when they finished the season undefeated.  Well, they haven’t lost this season either, and they plan to do the same this time around.  Coach Geno Auriemma has set his mark on finishing undefeated two seasons in a row, but… all the players feel it’s irrelevant if they don’t win a National Championship.


Chad OchocincoFinally, for all you Dancing With the Stars fans out there — you have a treat coming your way.  The show has consistently had a major sports figure on, and the Cowboys’ Emmitt Smith even won the entire contest a few years ago.  Well, now they will have a new NFL star to deal with:  Loudmouth showman Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals.  It’s fitting that the always spontaneous Ochocinco should add ballroom and tango dancing to his resume.  This should be fun to watch.

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