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Bode MillerIn the Olympics, it was a rough day for Bode Miller.  Miller already has 3 skiing medals in this Olympic Games — a gold, a silver, and bronze, and he was hoping to do what nobody has done in a single Winter Games — win 4 skiing medals.  However, he had a bad run after missing a gate in his first run.  And as soon as you do that, you are essentially out of medal contention.  This Saturday, Bode Miller will have one more chance to nab that 4th medal in the slalom event.  Good luck to Bode.


Kobe Bryant returned to action last night against the Memphis Grizzlies.  The Lakers have been “ok” as of late, and have not played the dominating basketball their roster talent typically allows.  They took on the rising Memphis Grizzlies (who could be trouble for a top team in the playoffs).  The Grizzlies led most of the way, but you simply can not count out Kobe & Company.  They rallied back, and with just under 5 seconds to play, the Lakers set up a beautiful play for Kobe at the 3-point line, and…. GOT IT!!!  The Lakers won the game by a nose.  Kobe finished the night with 32 points.  LA Lakers 99, Memphis 98.


Brian WestbrookFinally, out of the NFL, with LaDainian Tomlinson suddenly losing his job on Monday, another running back star was cut just one day later.  The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to release Brian Westbrook. Westbrook turns 31 this year, and has struggled with injuries the past few seasons.  However, when Westbrook plays — he’s GREAT!  Then again, they were committed to pay Westbrook $2.5 million if they kept him, and they thought that this was a time to finally let him go.  The Eagles said that they hope Westbrook will be able to catch on with another team before the season starts.  This makes way for 2nd-year running back LeSean McCoy to take the torch in Philly.

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