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Lindsey VonnIt was Day 6 of the Olympics, and we would finally find out if the American favorite, Lindsey Vonn, would participate in the women’s downhill skiing event.  Vonn suffered an ankle injury just before the start of the Olympics, and it was unclear if she would be able to compete.  Vonn was doing everything she could to palliate the pain — including applying cheese to the swollen area (hey, you’ll try anything when you’re desperate).  However, at the last minute, Vonn was at the starting gates, and when they opened, Vonn showed absolutely NO signs of injury.  It wasn’t her most elegant run, but she finished with a time of 1.44.19, and that was enough to finish first and take home the gold.  What an amazing comeback story.  Congratulations to Lindsey Vonn!!!! Will she get another Cow? See Today Show trivia above.

Shani DavisAnd in Men’s Speed Skating, the favorite was the United States’ Shani Davis. Four years ago, Davis became the first African American to win a speed skating event.  But this year he would face very tough competition in South Korea’s Mo Tae-bum.  Would he take the Gold again?  The answer:  Yes.  Davis was electrifying, and took home the gold.  He is now only the fourth American male to win more than one Gold medal in speed skating.  Truly amazing.  Congrats to Shani Davis.

Finally, in the Day’s Main Event, America’s Shaun White took to the snowboarding half-pipe.  White was probably the most favored to win for the U.S. in the entire Olympics.  He truly dominates this sport, and is the marquee face of snowboarding throughout the world.  Well, White didn’t just go  the Olympics to win, he wanted to put on an unforgettable show.  And that he did.  White finished with two near perfect scores in his two appearances, and easily won the gold.  However, even more notable, White performed the trick he had been preparing for months.  It’s called the “Double McTwist 1260” — a very dangerous trick that’s truly dazzling to watch.  In fact, White didn’t even to do this to win, he just wanted to put on the greatest show of the Olympics and prove, once again, that he owns the sport.

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