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The big story out of the NBA was the potential to break the All-Time Los Angeles Laker scoring record currently held by “The Logo”, Jerry West (for those that don’t know, the NBA Logo silhouette is etched from a photo of Jerry West).  Kobe needed just 29 points to nab the record, and he would try to do it, coincidentally, against the team that Jerry West currently owns, the Memphis Grizzlies.  Well, Kobe wouldn’t just break the record last night, he would shatter it.  Kobe had 42 points, and then, with an open court, he slammed it home for his 44th point.  And with that Kobe has 25,208 and is the new leading scorer in Laker franchise history.  He’s got more than West, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Elgin Baylor, and Magic Johnson.  That’s incredible!

Oddly, however, the more notable stat of the night was that the Lakers lost the game.  That’s right, a game that used to be an easy win (Memphis) was a genuine struggle.  Don’t look now, but Memphis is really good.  They have a winning record in a tough division, and are staffed by a young team afraid of no one.  Rudy Gay is a potential superstar, and O.J. Mayo has truly turned into the player that everybody thought he was.  Even Marc Gasol (Pau Gasol’s brother) is a substantial force in the middle.  Come playoff time, nobody will want to play these guys.  If they can beat a strong Lakers team, they can beat anybody.  Memphis 95, LA Lakers 93.

In the latest from the Gilbert Arenas saga, Gilbert has publicly stated that he hopes to turn this situation into a positive by rebuilding his relationship with the youth of D.C.  Arenas said he thought it was important to promote non-violence to kids, especially in a troubled area like D.C., and he will spend his time and energy spreading this message.  We’ll see how specifically goes about this.  Let’s hope it’s something inspiring and significant.


Jay CutlerAnd in the NFL, a struggling team has landed a solid offensive coordinator.  The Chicago Bears have been searching for an OC for a while now, but, apparently, nobody wants to work with their new quarterback Jay Cutler.  He’s described as, um, difficult.  Well, their search ended today, as they will bring in the man responsible for the explosive Rams offense earlier this decade.  Yes, Mike Martz will hopefully bring some offensive firepower to the Bears.  First, however, they will need some real wide receivers.  The draft should bring some nice prospects.

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