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LaDainian TomlinsonThe big news yesterday was out of the NFL.  One of the best running backs of all-time has been cut by their team.  That’s right, yesterday the San Diego Chargers released running-back LaDainian Tomlinson.  This isn’t exactly a “surprise” considering that Tomlinson’s performance has been rapidly declining.  But to see a guy who put up amazing numbers for 9 seasons and was the heart and soul of the San Diego Chargers suddenly be out of a job is quite jarring.  The bulk of the reason was that the Chargers needed to cut Tomlinson before a certain date or a huge salary requirement would kick in, and they just couldn’t afford that.  Now the question is… which team will pick him up.  He may not be a star any more, but he can still give you a great offensive option out there.  And you know the Patriots love that.

58979133Elsewhere in the NFL, the Draft Combines are in action.  That’s when the Pro Scouts get a good, up-close look at draft prospects.  Tim Tebow, one of the greatest college players ever, was in attendance, but he has caught a lot of flack about his style.  Apparently, most think Tebow simply won’t hack it in the NFL.  Well, Tebow has taken this to heart and has worked hard at literally changing his game.  For example, he’s practicing day and night holding the ball up by his shoulder rather than his waist.  He is determined to be a star in the NFL, even if the odds are against him, and that starts with doing whatever it takes.


Finally, in the Olympics, a historical night.  It was the always exciting ice dancing event, in what sounds like a soft event, but is actually a beautiful display of athleticism.  Well, North America has never won a gold medal in this event, but they had some hopefuls there last night.  And, when all was said and done, Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir gave a phenomenal performance and scored the first ever gold medal for the continent.  It was truly amazing.

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