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LaDainian TomlinsonWith the Super Bowl upon us, it represents the era of what could be a Indianapolis Colts dynasty.  It’s possible that Peyton Manning could win 2 or even 3 more Super Bowls over the next couple years.  However, another dynasty has most likely come to end.  It looks like LaDainian Tomlinson will move on from the San Diego Chargers organization next year.  Tomlinson was easily the most dominant running back in the league during this decade, and his moving on is a signal that his career is nearing an end.   He’s been plagued by injuries the past two seasons, and the Chargers will have a tough time replacing him.  We’ll see what team takes a chance on LT.

And in college football, some very weird news.  It looks like USC has received a verbal commitment from an extremely talented blue-chip recruit.  The catch… he’s 13 years old.  That’s right, David Sills was recruited by new coach Lane Kiffin, and he’s already looking ahead to the class of 2015.  Supposedly though, there’s validity here.  According to a USC expert coach who’s worked with many of the top QBs, this kid is incredible.  LeBron James was touted at this young an age, and clearly, the experts were right on that one.  So if the Trojans are correct, we can expect a fantastic season from them… in 5 years.


In the NBA, Los Angeles Clippers head coach Mike Dunleavy has stepped down from the captain position.  Sure, the concept of “stepping down” isn’t exactly correct (he was most likely asked to leave), but according to Dunleavy he was asked to pick between coaching and general manager.  Dunleavy opted to remain as the team’s GM, but “step down” as head coach.  The Clips have been below average this year, and, honestly, they needed a coaching change.  However, the Clippers have a strong young team with Blake Griffin joining the squad next year, as well as some other young, exciting draft picks. Farewell to the Dunleavy era in LA.

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