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Watch the Today Show at 10:30 am est to see Betsy talk Super Bowl “Who Knew”


Peyton Manning1In the NFL, Peyton Manning must be excited to be playing in his 2nd Super Bowl, but he is definitely thrilled about the Colts public intent to keep him a Colt for the remainder of his career.  There are speculations that, after the Super Bowl, Manning will receive the highest paid contract in NFL history.  Is he worth it?  Absolutely.  Without question, there is no player in the league more valuable than Peyton Manning.  He plays a position that requires extreme intellect, and he absolutely dominates it.  Essentially, he is their offensive coordinator, and everything is a chess game to him.  He may be getting older, but after this phenomenal year, you can assume he has at least 3 more years of his prime left.  That could equate to three more Super Bowl wins.
In the college football world, Wednesday is signing day.  This is when the top High School recruits in the country commit to one of the many schools that have been courting them.  There is a lot of drama and a lot of money wrapped up in this, for getting a #20 talent can instantly improve a team, get them TV time, and thus a lot of money.  The top prize this year is an Offensive Tackle from Minnesota, Seantrel Henderson.  Apparently 6 schools are after him, but most experts think he will opt to play at Ohio State.  We shall see.


In college basketball, the #4 Syracuse Orange are off to their best start ever.  They play extremely well as a team, are well coached, and are dominating a major conference right now (The Big East).  Last night they played host to Providence and absolutely destroyed them.  Arinze Onuaku led the Orange with 20 points.  This team could sneak into the championship in the tourney and perhaps win the whole thing.  Syracuse 85, Providence 68.

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