In the NBA, the Washington Wizards have said they hope to ‘move forward’ regarding the debacle with Javaris Crittenden and Gilbert Arenas (they pulled guns on each other in practice).  Believe it or not, however, Wizards forward Antawn Jamison said they are still holding out hope for a playoff run. Considering that they have an atrocious record, and don’t seem to have any pieces that can make that happen, it’s a bit aloof.  Then again, stranger things have happened, and they might get someone good in a trade for Arenas.  Jamison continued to say that he would like Arenas to come back to the Wizards, but he said that’s not up to him, and solely up to the team’s manager, Ernie Grunfeld.


Ken Griffey JrElsewhere, out of the baseball world, the Seattle Mariners’ Ken Griffey Jr., once named the best player in baseball, is now over 40 years old and still playing.  He had an average season last year for the M’s, but he just underwent knee surgery, and says he feels better than ever.  On top of all this, Griffey Jr. said he’s in great shape and is “ripped and ready” for spring training.  If he’s being honest, perhaps Griffey could actually be a contributor next season.  After all, they made a major improvement in pitching this off-season, acquiring former Cy Young Award Winner Cliff Lee.  Keep an eye on the Mariners this coming season.


Kurt WarnerFinally, out of the NFL, it looks like the immortal Kurt Warner will retire today.  Warner has had an amazing NFL career.  After all, he worked in a grocery store, played in various other leagues, and finally earned a spot on the Rams.  With that spot, Warner and the Rams ran one of the best offenses of the last 20 years, went to two Super Bowls, and won one.  And just when they thought he was done, he was the piece that finally made the theoretically potent offense in Arizona work.  He got the Cardinals to the Super Bowl — a team that used to be happy just having a decent season.  The NFL will surely miss Warner.

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  1. Dr. Peter Venkman January 29th, 2010 8:58 am

    There has been a plea for female fan help over at the Fan’s Voice Awards (http://fansvoiceawards.wordpress.com/). Basically they just want to know what women think of sports fans.

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