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In the NBA, judgment has fallen upon Gilbert Arenas.  Prior to the New Year, Gilbert Arenas had an altercation with teammate Javaris Crittenton.  Supposedly, the bout was about a gambling debt Arenas owed Crittendon, and Arenas become so enraged he pulled out a gun.  Well, this doesn’t exactly fly by NBA League Rules.  After the incident, Arenas told reporters that he and Crittenton were friends and this was just a misunderstanding.  He then made a series of bad jokes, saying he was going to laugh it off.  That didn’t sit well either.  His punishment:  He is now suspended indefinitely.

It’s hard to come back from a suspension like this.  It hurts the ego, and affects the team’s perception of Gilbert.  Teammate Antawn Jamison said he loves Gilbert, and knows he’s a jokester, but when there are guns involved, that’s no laughing matter.  This comes in a year where pro athletes have become targets of violence.  Former quarterback Steve McNair was killed by a jealous girlfriend.  With that said, a league could not let an incident like this fly, and there’s a chance that Gilbert may be forced to miss the rest of the season.  It may be time for the Washington Wizards to put the Gilbert Arenas era behind them.


Jamaal CharlesAnd in the NFL, former New England Patriots offensive coordinator, and Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis has been looking for a job.  There was talk of him landing the head coaching spot in Buffalo, especially since he’s familiar with many of the competitors in that division.  However, it doesn’t look like that will pan out.  Why?  Because Weis has just accepted a position to be the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Their offense looked bleak this season, and having a offensive guru like Weis just focusing on… offense (not Notre Dame pressure) could be great for them.  They showed some spark towards the end of the season, and even have a bonafide stud running back in Jamaal Charles.  Look for KC to jump back on the scene as a contender next season.

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