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The main story out of the sports world yesterday definitely came from the NBA.  It was Round 2 of Kobe v. LeBron, as the Lakers head to Cleveland on the first leg of their 8-game road trip.  LeBron and the Cavs took out the Lakers in their first meeting, but Kobe, who was aiming for his 25,000th point last night, was hoping to steal the road game and show the Cavs that the Lakeshow are still the dominant force in the NBA.

LeBron JamesThe game was definitely neck-and-neck most of the way, and both Kobe and LeBron put on an amazing show.  Kobe hit his 25,000th point at the free throw line, and finished the night with 31 points and 4 assists.  The game was tied at 87 with just 40 seconds remaining, and that’s when LeBron James simply took over.  He drove the lane, and did an amazing layup, making it seem like the Laker defenders weren’t even there.  That lead was all the Cavs needed to take control and close out the game.  And they did all this without their all-star point-guard Mo Williams.  LeBron scored 37 on the night, and made a case that this might finally be the year the Cavs get to the championship WITH home court advantage and nab that title.  But… will LeBron leave town if that happens?  That will be the big summer mystery regardless.  Cleveland 93, LA Lakers 87.


Marty SchottenheimerFinally, a very ‘cool’ piece of news.  After the NY Jets upset the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, Jets coach Rex Ryan sent the game ball to former San Diego Charger head coach Marty Schottenheimer.  Now, you ask, why did he do this?  Well, Schottenheimer was fired after the Chargers lost their first playoff game a few years ago.  Sure, they got upset, but Schottenheimer was 14-2 that season, and had a great track record with past teams that proved he was a great coach.  Plus, it was Schottenheimer that came to town and turned the Charger organization around.   But… they let him go, anyways.  During that period, Marty Schottenheimer’s son, Brian, was the Chargers quarterbacks coach.  And currently, Brian Schottenheimer is the Jets offensive coordinator.  Clearly, Jets head coach Rex Ryan is happy to have Brian Schottenheimer by his side, and paid homage to Marty by sending him the game ball of the upset win.  A nice thing, and very cool revenge to the San Diego Charger organization. They never should have let Marty go so soon.

Big Sunday in the NFL:

AFC Championship Game: New York Jets take on the Indianapolis Colts at 3:00 pm est

NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints at 6:40 pm est

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