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Last night was the big game in college football — the mother of them all:  The BCS Championship.  Undefeated #1 Alabama vs. unbeaten #2 Texas.  It was winner take all in Pasadena, California, and the extremely faithful fan bases were out.  Both of these teams have rabid loyal fan bases, and they came out in droves.  So what would they see?

Colt McCoyThe game started off all Texas.  They played strong defense, and kept Alabama’s offense in tact.  However, Texas couldn’t convert touchdowns from certain turnovers, and only put up 2 field goals (6 points) for their efforts.  Then, a tragic event for Texas.  Their Heisman candidate quarterback, and nice-guy golden boy, Colt McCoy, took a shot from Alabama and had to go to the locker room for X-Rays.  It was soon revealed that McCoy would miss the remainder of the game.  Back-up QB, Garrett Gilbert stepped in to what is the premise for many sports movies (the kid coming from out of nowhere with a chance to win the game).

Mark IngramMark Ingram, the Heisman Trophy Winner, ran it in for a 2-yard touchdown to put Alabama on top.  And then it was all downhill for Texas in the first half, as Gilbert simply could not crack Alabama’s defense. They even intercepted a pass for a 28-yard interception with just 3 seconds left in the half.  And that put Alabama up 24-6.

Jordan Shipley.jpgIn the second half, however, with Colt McCoy watching from the sidelines, Texas came soaring back.  Gilbert hit All-American Jordan Shipley for a 44-yard touchdown pass and suddenly gained some confidence.  In the 4th, Gilbert connected with Shipley again for a touchdown, this time for a 28-yard pass.  They even converted the 2-point conversion.  And out of nowhere, it’s 24-21 with just 5 minutes left.  Folks, we have a game here!!!

But Alabama did what they do best in the end — apply pressure defense.  Texas had the ball near their own end zone, and Alabama laid a vicious pop on Texas QB Gilbert, causing him to fumble the ball.  Alabama recovered within the 5 yard line.  And when your season hinges on stopping the Heisman Trophy Winning Running Back within the 5 yard-line… you’re in trouble.  Texas tried, but to no avail as Mark Ingram ran it in for a touchdown.  And that sealed the deal.  The Alabama Crimson Tide have returned to dominance.  The game will be remembered for Alabama’s ferocious defense, and for the tragedy that Colt McCoy wouldn’t get to play in a championship he worked so hard to get to.  Alabama 37, Texas 21.

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