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The lead story of the weekend:  The League Championships in the NFL.  Both games were quite unpredictable, and all the experts could imagine any permutation in the Super Bowl.

The first game saw the Indianapolis Colts hosting the strong underdog NY Jets.  Since Round 1 (when the Jets snuck into the playoffs they had no business being in), they have been written off.  Then, they crush the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincy.  The next week, they travel to San Diego and knock them off as well.  Suddenly, the #6 seed is in the AFC Championship.  And, at this point, a bad game from the Colts could put the Jets in the Super Bowl.  Would that happen?

Peyton ManningThe Jets got off to a strong start, and swung the momentum their way with an 80 yard bomb from QB Mark Sanchez to newly acquired star Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards.  The Jets kept the momentum going by stopping the Colts in the red zone twice, and then another touchdown pass from Sanchez to tight end Dustin Keller.  Suddenly, the Jets found themselves up on the Colts 14-6, and they were halting the legend that is Peyton Manning. But, in the second half, the REAL Colts came to play, as Peyton Manning just WENT OFF.  He had 3 touchdown passes in the second half, and the Colts defense did the job of stopping the Jets running game.  The Indianapolis Colts will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.  With that said, what a run for the Jets.  They will be a very exciting team next year.  Indianapolis 30, NY Jets 17.

Next up, the marquee matchup of the day:  The Minnesota Vikings v. The New Orleans Saints.  These two teams were the talk of the NFC all season, and many predicted an inevitable showdown in the NFC Championship Game.  There was talk of a Dallas Cowboy uprising, but the Vikings crushed them last week and put out that fire.  So who would get a chance to play in the Super Bowl?  Favre, in a monster, “I-showed-them” season, or Drew Brees and the lovable Saints?

Reggie BushWell, the Vikings got on the scoreboard first with an Adrian Peterson TD, but the Saints came back with an amazing run from their running-back Pierre Thomas.  The teams traded touchdowns for a while, and then the game was tied at 21 heading into the 4th quarter.  And to start things off, the Saints’ Reggie Bush caught a tricky pass from Drew Brees and muscled his way past the end zone for a Saints TD.  But, the Vikings would march down the field and get yet another touchdown from Adrian Peterson (he had 3 on the day).  The Saints got the ball back, but couldn’t get it done, giving the ball back to Favre for a 2-minute drill.  And he did a brilliant job leading the Vikes down the field.  He even put them in field goal range which would send them to the Super Bowl.  But… with just 20 seconds left, Favre tried to get them even better field position.  He scrambled, and instead of running forward for what would probably have been a 10 yard gain, he nervously threw the ball into coverage, and it was INTERCEPTED by the Saints.  A major mistake by Favre who has been nearly flawless this season.  That sent the game into overtime, and the hero was Saints kicker Garrett Hartley who kicked a PERFECT 40-yard field goal to send the New Orleans Saints to their first Super Bowl EVER. New Orleans 31, Minnesota 28.

Saints and Colts — the two most talked about teams of the season (because they were both undefeated up until Week 14) will meet to see who is truly the best team. This one will be a game to remember.

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