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Dwayne Wade.JPGAfter all the football action of the weekend, the marquee match-up Monday night was out of the NBA for the always entertaining LeBron James / Dwayne Wade showdown.  And it was a superstar battle to get things going, with each star dazzling the crowd.  LeBron even hit a long 3-pointer to end the half.

But, in the second half, LeBron was the one to watch.  He was dunking it everywhere.  Wade, on the other hand, struggled down the stretch.  With the Heat up 1-point late, Wade had a chance to give them a 3-point lead from the free throw line.  And he MISSED THEM BOTH!! Sorry, but if you’re one of the 5 best players in the NBA, you just can’t do that.  Then, later, Wade threw an errant pass, that was picked off by LeBron.  James rushed the other way with it, and was fouled.  He hit two free throws that gave the Cavs the lead.  Wade had one last chance to win the game.  With just a second remaining, Wade tried to heave up a fade-away over LeBron, and just completely bricked it.  LeBron’s not the easiest person to shoot over.  And with that, the Cavs iced the victory.  Cleveland 92, Miami 91.

Glen DavisElsewhere in the NBA, the Boston Celtics Glen Davis has long gone by the nickname “Big Baby”.  This derives from when Davis was a powerful, yet overweight giant while at LSU.  Just watching him on TV, you knew that he was monstrously bigger than the other players.  Well, he’s had a pretty decent NBA career, even hitting a game winning shot in the playoffs last year. However, he has publicly declared he was done with the “Big Baby” moniker.  He publicly solicited a nickname, and one reporter thought maybe he should go by the nickname, “Uno Uno”, like the Cincinnati Benglas’ Chad Johnson — whose jersey number is #85 (ocho-cinco in Spanish). Glen Davis immediately lit up to the sound of this, and hopes it will catch on.

Finally, not to start stirring the pot of drama, but Brett Favre announced today that playing in 2010 is unlikely.  As we’ve learned before… don’t hold him to that. Updates on the Future of Favre Volume III is coming soon.

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