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It was Fiesta Bowl night in college football.  This was a much anticipated game between two undefeated teams.  The offensive explosion that is Boise State vs. the defensive powerhouse that is TCU (Texas Christian University).  Small conferences sure, but both of these teams are constantly fighting for respect.  In fact, Boise State said they would be more than happy to take on any top 25 team as an AWAY game.  Typically in college football, when teams schedule each other, they do it for two seasons.  One on each home field.  But Boise State knows everybody is afraid to play them on their home field, so they offered to play TWO away games.  And even then, nobody is accepting the invitation.  After all, a loss to Boise State effectively ends BCS hopes for a major conference team.  Boise State even beat Oregon this year, the Pac-10 Rose Bowl representative.  So, how would they fare against an incredible TCU team that many thought deserved a spot in the BCS Championship Game?

Well, it was an extremely defensive, low-scoring game.  Boise State’s Brandyn Thompson got things started with a 51 yard interception return for a TD.  7-0 Boise State.  TCU couldn’t get much going, but in the second quarter, TCU’s quarterback Andy Dalton hit Curtis Clay for a 30-yard TD.  And suddenly, TCU was only down 3 heading into the half.

Kyle BrotzmanBut, in the second half, Boise State worked their inventive magic.  For example, on a 4th down punting situation, their punter Kyle Brotzman, threw a 30-yard pass to keep an important drive alive (and keep the ball out of TCU’s hands).  Then, later, Boise State punted again, straight into the hands of TCU’s dangerous return man Jeremy Kerley.  He was about to break away and head for the game-tying touchdown, when he was suddenly knocked down by who, the punter AGAIN, Kyle Brotzman.  Who would have thought that the punter would be such a hero in such a big game.  After that, TCU just couldn’t get the touchdown they needed, and Boise State held on to stay undefeated and win their second BCS bowl.  In fact, they’ve never lost one.  It sure would be great to have a playoff in college football.  Boise State 17, TCU 10.

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