Bill Cowher.JPGFirst up, the Dallas Cowboys have decided to make a controversial decision about their head coach of the future.  As many know, the Dallas Cowboys are one of the biggest money teams in sports.  There is a reason they are referred to as America’s team.  Well, this team has always had a big name head coach, someone that can get in the headlines. Currently, there are still some marquee coaches on the market, namely former Steeler coach Bill Cowher, and there were millings that they would grab him or someone else.  The Cowboys don’t like to fall short, and when they do, even if it’s in the quarterfinals against a great Minnesota team, they want answers… and changes.  This… will not happen next year, as it appears Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has decided to stick with Wade Phillips.  Phillips isn’t exactly a ‘sexy’ name in the coaching world, but he has kept the Cowboys extremely competitive in the NFC.  Many people in the Dallas area want to go back to the glory days of Jimmy Johnson’s tenure, and get the superficial dream of a new coach equals bigger things, but it looks like th Cowboys will stick with Phillips not just for one year but at least a few more.  Is he really the guy who can get Dallas over the hump and get back to the Super Bowl.  We shall see.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills have finally ended their search for a head coach.  Cowher’s name was in their mix too, and Bills fans desperately wanted Cowher to come in and change things around.  However, the Bills and Cowher didn’t work out, and they have hired former Cowboys head coach Chan Bailey.  Why?  He’s part of a different generation, he hasn’t coached in the NFL since the late 90s, and they even had a pick of some great young coaching guns (i.e Brian Schottenhemer — assistant coach of the NY Jets).  These guys, however, have turned down the job.  According to experts in the know, something is wrong in Buffalo with the ownership.  Bailey is an odd choice, and the Bills could be in for yet another losing season.

Tiger and ElinFinally, some fun gossip news.  It appears that Tiger Woods has checked in to a sex rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi.  It’s unclear exactly how that treatment works, and the specific clinic, Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services, hasn’t confirmed that Woods is in fact there, but what is clear is that Woods is looking to change a few things in his life.  He will be sorely missed in this year’s Masters tournament both by his peers and by CBS (bad ratings ahead).  The Tiger Woods comeback story will be a great saga, and we’ll keep you posted as the details come in.

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