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It was opening night in the NBA, and the marquee match-up… LeBron and the Cavs hosting a healthy, all-star packed Celtics squad.  And remember, LeBron has the company of Shaq this season.  Would he help them get over the hump?  Well, the Cavs certainly put on a show for their home crowd, and LeBron put up an impressive 38 points.  However, just like last season, he didn’t really have the help he needed (Shaq only put up 10 points), and the the Celts were just too powerful.  Paul Pierce led the way with 23 points.  For the Cavs, losing your first home game, when you only lost one regular season home game the previous year… not a good start.  Boston 95, Cleveland 89.

Elsewhere, the defending champs, the Los Angeles Lakers debuted last night.  Their first opponent, the inter-city rival Los Angeles Clippers.  The Clips were primed to come out strong, but just yesterday they received some heartbreaking news, as their #1 draft pick and savior, Blake Griffin, will reportedly be sidelined for 6 weeks with a knee injury.  That’s both a blow, and further proof of Clipper franchise bad luck.  However, the Clips still held their own with the Lakeshow, and the game was close until midway through the 4th quarter.  Kobe Bryant showed no signs of slowing.  He put up 33 points in the debut, and the Lakers look like the team to beat again in the West.  LA Lakers 99, LA Clippers 92.


Vince Young.JPGAnd in the NFL, apparently the owner of the Tennessee Titans wants head coach Jeff Fisher to start Vince Young in the next game.  Young got off to a slow start in his career, and was eventually benched in favor of the veteran Kerry Collins.  Collins turned in an incredible performance last season, and earned the starting gig coming into the season.  But the Titans are now 0-6, and the owner wants to see a change.  Supposedly, Young is a changed man, and ready to play.  We’ll see if he does, in fact, get the start on Sunday, and find out if it helps the Titans luck this season.

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