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Mariano RiveraSunday night was Game 6 of the ALCS between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels.  The Angels had to rally to even get to this point, but the Yankees were looking to close it out in Game 6, and avoid the risk of an ‘anything goes’ Game 7.  Well, the Yankees got up 3-1 early, but a clutch hit by Vlad Gurerro would pull the Angels to 3-2 in the 8th inning.  Unfortunately, the Angles just couldn’t keep the Yanks down in the bottom of the 8th.  Recently acquired Scott Kazmir gave up 2 more runs, increasing the Yankees lead to 5-2.  That’s a tough deficit to make up against the Yankees in one inning (against Mariano Rivera no less).  And the Angles couldn’t do it.  The Yankees held on, sending them back to their first World Series since 2003.  They will take on the Phillies in what will surely be an extremely memorable match-up.  NY Yankees 5, LA Angels 2.


In college football, some controversial news out of Oklahoma. Entering the season, the Sooners were expected to compete for the National Championships.  However, with some injuries to their Heisman winning quarterback, Sam Bradford, they stumbled out of the gate, and picked up some losses.  Bradford now has to have season-ending shoulder surgery, but in a turn of events, Bradford has stated that he will not be back at Oklahoma next year.  Bradford intends to enter the NFL draft, where he should be one of the top picks.  In other words, Bradford kind of left the Sooners hanging.

And in the NFL, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and the Vikings hoped to stay undefeated when they traveled to play the defending champion, Pittsburgh Steelers.  Pittsburgh had a completely healthy Troy Polamalu back on defense, and were ready to play THEIR game against the Vikes.  Well, the game was nothing short of exciting, although the Steelers did keep Vikings superstar running-back, Adrian Peterson, in check.  Then, with just one minute to go and the Vikings trailing 20-17, Brett Favre was the Brett Favre of the “recent past”, as he threw an interception that was returned for an 82 yard touchdown by the Steelers Keyaron Fox.  And with that, the Steelers kill the Vikings unbeaten streak.  Pittsburgh 27, Minnesota 17.

Cedric BensonFinally, as we reported last week, Bengals running-back, Cedric Benson would get the opportunity for revenge against his former team, the Chicago Bears.  Benson said he had a horrible experience in Chicago, and that the players were mean to him and lied about him to the press.  Could he show them what they were missing at home in Cincy.  The answer:  YES!!!  The Bengals absolutely trounced the Bears.  Carson Palmer threw for, count ’em, 5 touchdowns, and Benson… he did HIS thing, rushing for 189 yards and a touchdown.  Wow!  Ladies and gentleman, the Bengals are for real… and should be feared!  Cincinnati 45, Chicago 10.

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