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Manny RamirezLast night marked the debut of the National League Championship Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers.  Both teams look hot right now, so, really, it was anybody’s game.  James Loney got the Dodgers excited, hitting a homer off Phillies ace Cole Hamels in the second inning.  But, Philly would rally in the 5th behind a clutch home run from Carlos Ruiz and a Ryan Howard double that would score 2 runs.  5-1 Phillies.  The Dodgers would answer that same inning with a ‘golf-stance homerun’ from Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez. Now… it’s 5-4. 

Then, in the 8th inning, the Phillies Raul Ibanez stepped to the plate with two men on base, and… creamed the ball to right field for a 3-run homer.  And the Phils were up 8-5.  LA grabbed one more run in the 8th themselves, but that’s all they could do.  The Philly offense was just too on, and the Phillies nab a game on the road.  As of now, the Phillies have won 15 of their 19 post-season games.  Philadelphia 8, LA Dodgers 6.

And finally, after their agonizing 3-and-out loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the St. Louis Cardinals got even more bad news.  Reportedly, their megastar, Albert Pujols, said that he didn’t know if he would renew his contract with the Cardinals next season.  Many feel that Pujols is probably the best player in the league, and question why he’s remained in such a small market so long.  Well, when you kill yourself all season, don’t do steroids, AND THEN LOSE IN 3 QUICK GAMES, you start to wonder if there isn’t something brighter on the horizon.  Pujols may be getting that big market itch.  Bigger city, more TV attention, and a lot more money.  You can guarantee the Yankees have already called him.


In the NBA, a major developing story.  Apparently, the Cleveland Cavaliers are treating their superstar, LeBron James, for the swine flu.  That’s right, what started as the scariest outbreak in years, has now affected one the country’s biggest sports stars.  He’s been sick in bed for two days, and when he returned to practice, understandably, the team didn’t want to be around him.  Seriously, nobody wants to catch that sickness, and not even the superstar of the NBA isn’t immune to the alienation.  Two other Cavs are being treated as well:  Darnell Jackson and Coby Karl.  We’ll see how this story develops.

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