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Maurice Jones-Drew.JPGIn the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars received a serious beatdown on Sunday, losing 41-0 to the Seattle Seahawks.  It was huge shocker, as just a week prior, the Jags regained their reputation for being one of the league’s stronger teams.  Well, their star running back, Maurice-Jones Drew, lashed out at the team publicly at a press conference.  He said that the play calling was horrible, and that they need to run the ball more.  He even called himself “the highest paid decoy in the league”.  He and the Saints Reggie Bush, both of whom have high pay checks, but are consistently in the game just to fool defenses.  Jones-Drew said that was inefficient, and that coach Jack Del Rio needs to run the ball more.  If you run it more, the defenses respect the run game, which opens up the pass game, and then, later, the run game becomes very scary, as defenses know you could do anything in a stressful moment.  We’ll see how this progresses, but, for now, Jones-Drew is not happy.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Chicago Bears Jay Cutler was speechless when a reporter asked if the Chicago Bears would acquire Terrell Owens from Buffalo.  The T.O. experiment is not working out in Buffalo, and the Bears are desperate for a stud receiver.  Their QB has a canon arm, just nobody to throw too. T.O. would give them a huge threat, and open up their run game for superstar Matt Forte.  Cutler, however, didn’t comment on it, saying he didn’t think they were going to trade for him, nor did he think they would tell him about it.  When asked if Cutler and T.O. were talking about it (via Twitter), Cutler said he didn’t even know T.O.  But he did watch his reality show, and said it was “humorous”.

And finally, after a heated debate, the group that was poised to buy the St. Louis Rams have dropped Rush Limbaugh from their bid.  There has been a tremendous amount of opposition towards Limbaugh owning an NFL franchise, and if the group were to have any chance of making the buy, they would have to abandon Limbaugh.  In the NFL, 3/4 of all the owners have to decide if they want you to own a franchise, and with Limbaugh on the ticket, the buying group was convinced they didn’t have a chance at that.  This begs the question:  How much does this really matter to Rush Limbaugh?  Will it really affect his life in anyway?

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