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It was a crazy weekend, hosting a few outcomes nobody expected.


Manny RamirezIn baseball, the National League heavy favorites heading into the post season… the St. Louis Cardinals.  They had been dominant since the all-star break, and were poised for a World Series birth.  But in baseball, more than most sports, predictions aren’t worth much.  The Cardinals were pitted against a red-hot Los Angeles Dodgers team that won the first 2 games at home, and brought that confidence with them to St. Louis.  In Game 3, the Dodgers Manny Ramirez had another terrific game, and the Dodgers cruised past the Cardinals to win the series.  Just like that, the mighty Cardinals season is over.  They have to do it all again next year to get back to this point.  Then again, this is the same thing that typically happens to the Dodgers.   Baseball’s just crazy.  LA Dodgers 5, St. Louis 1.

Elsewhere, another team went by the wayside in the American League.  FOX desperately wanted a Yankees/Red Sox Championship series.  They need it for ratings.  Well, they can kiss that goodbye, as the Los Angeles Angels took care of business at Fenway.  The Red Sox simply choked down the stretch.  They had a safe 6-4 lead, heading into the 9th inning, but as we’ve seen in other series, there is no such thing as “safe” in the baseball playoffs.  Bobby Abreu doubled to bring in a run, making it 6-5.  And then, Vlad Gurerro singled, knocking in two RBIs to give the Angles a 7-6 lead.  It was a total meltdown from Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon.  LA Angels 7, Boston 6.

85133109CM032_Boston_Red_SoAnd, finally, the Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins and are headed to a showdown against the Angels. Thanks to the stellar pitching of Andy Petitte and some exciting home runs from Jorge Posada and Alex Rodriguez. Unlike Jessica Simpson’s influence last year on the Cowboys’ Tony Romo, looks like A-Rod’s girlsfriend Kate Hudson is a good influence on the Yanks. Yankees 4, Twins 1


In college football, the much anticipated contest between #1 Florida and #4 LSU was finally here.  It was the most difficult opponent Florida has faced this season.  Well, it was a defensive stand for both teams, as neither squad could really get anything going.  Then, in the second quarter, Florida’s Tim Tebow hit Riley Cooper for a 24-yard touchdown.  In the second half, LSU just couldn’t get it done.  They didn’t even score a touchdown on the day.  And Florida would hold on for the win. Florida 13, LSU 3.

Finally, the marquee game in the NFL was the New England Patriots v. the Denver Broncos.  Basically, it was a test to see which team was for real, and which team is only so-so.  Denver was undefeated coming into the game, but most said it was because of their lax schedule.  The Pats would be the true exam.  Well, it was a heated contest, and Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton showed he was for real, tossing for 330 yards and 2 touchdowns.  The game even required an overtime.  And it all came down to a field goal for Denver’s Matt Prater, as he nailed a 41 yarder to win the game.  Ladies and gentleman, the Broncos are serious.  Denver 20, New England 17.

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