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Brett Favre.jpgIt was revenge night on Monday Night Football.  All the hoopla, all the media craze, and all the Brett Favre drama of the past 2 years would finally come to a cathartic moment.  After, this whole thing started with the Packers dissing Favre a year ago by releasing him.  Tonight, Favre was out to prove that the Packers should have held on to him, that he was the true winner, and that they would regret it.  It was the Minnesota Vikings hosting the Green Bay Packers.

And Favre came out throwing.  On his first drive, he hit tight end Vinsanthe Shiancoe for a touchdown.  The crowd erupted.  Then, the new boy Aaron Rodgers, answered for the Packers with a long touchdown to their tight end Jermichael Finley.  But the night would belong to Favre.  He aired it out for 3 touchdowns and 271 yards, and Vikings took the game.  In the post-game interview, Favre said this wasn’t about revenge, and that he wasn’t out to prove he was better than Aaron Rodgers.  He concluded by saying that they still have to play the Packers one more time.  And that game… is in Green Bay.  That should be insanely dramatic.  Minnesota 30, Green Bay 23.

Braylon EdwardsElsewhere in the NFL, it looks like there is some major drama in Cleveland.  Browns Wide-Receiver Braylon Edwards was fighting with a Bengals defender in Sunday’s game, and then later took a swing at someone else.  That someone:  One of LeBron James’ friends.  And you do not mess with the King of Cleveland.  LeBron said he has no idea why Braylon did that, and remarked, “I’ve never crossed paths with Braylon before, but it seems like there’s a little jealousy going on with Braylon and me and my friends. I have no idea why.  I’ve never said anything to Braylon at all. But for him to do that is very childish. My friend is 130 pounds. Seriously. It’s like hitting one of my kids. It doesn’t make sense.”  We’ll see if this feud has legs.


Finally, if you want high stakes sports action, then tonight is the night for you.  In a rare occurance, there will be a one game playoff for the final spot in baseball’s post season.  It’s the Detroit Tigers v. the Minnesota Twins in a do-or-die match with a post-season birth on the line.  Everybody thought the Tigers had things locked up, but they fell apart down the stretch, and the Twins got RED HOT.  Now, the Twins will play host to the Tigers, and definitely hope they can utilize that momentum.  The winner… gets the dominant New York Yankees.

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