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Shane VictorinoIt was Game 5 in Philadelphia between the Phillies and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Dodgers needed a win to stay alive, and the Phillies were hoping to put this series behind them and advance to their second straight World Series.  Well, the Phillies started out hot and didn’t look back.  Behind homers from Jayson Werth, Pedro Feliz, and Shane Victorino, the Phillies cruised to an easy victory.  This is super exciting for Philly fans, who get to watch their team try and win back to back World Series Championships.  Meanwhile, it’s frustrating news for the Dodgers, who will have to do it all again next year.  Not a given in Dodgerland.  Congrats to the Phillies.


In college football, the typically dominant Ohio State has seriously struggled this season.  Their head coach, Jim Tressell (nicknamed “The Vest”, because he’s always wearing… a vest), has been on the hot seat, and there’s talk of replacing him.  Additionally, two years ago, Ohio State recruited the most coveted prospect in the country, QB Terrelle Pryor.  This was one of those press conference recruitments, where sports writers and major universities awaited his final word.  Well, things haven’t worked out with Pryor, and now his old High School coach is chiming in.  He said that Tressell and Ohio State are not using Pryor right.  “He needs to run more”, his High School Coach said, following it up by saying that when he watches Pryor play now, he sees a robot.  This will hurt Pryor’s draft stock, to be sure, unless he turns it around.

89612173RM059_Dallas_CowboyFinally, some gossip out of the NFL in both Dallas and Cincinnati.  In Dallas, Cowboys wide-receiver Patrick Crayton has lambasted coaches because they decided to relegate him from the #2 receiver role to the #3 role.  Obviously, Dallas football is more of soap opera than other cities, but Crayton was primarily upset that nobody told him.  He said that he came to practice, and saw Austin Miles running his typical drills.  That’s when it hurts the most, when you realize it yourself.

And in Cincy, Bengals running back Cedric Benson has proved this season that he has the goods.  He’s a reliable back putting up solid yardage.  In Chicago, however, Benson didn’t perform up to par , and looked to be a draft bust (he was #4 overall).  Now, Benson is talking, saying that the entire Chicago organization put him in a bad light.  When Benson was released by the Bears, he spent 4 months with no job, and, apparently, when teams called the Bears for recommendations, there were reports that Benson was a prima donna and constantly out of shape.  Now Benson’s saying that’s not true, and his Bengals teammates support it.   Well, he’ll get a chance to put it all on the field when the Bears take on the Bengals in Cincy Sunday.

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