In college football, a much anticipated match-up between Georgia Tech and Miami.  Miami used to be a dominate team in the 90s and the early part of this decade, but they have been nothing more than average over the past 5 years.  This season, however, they started the season 1-0 against ranked rival Florida State.  So this game would determine if the Hurricanes were for real.

Jacory HarrisThe answer:  Yes.  And the man behind the show is quarterback Jacory Harris.  He looked brilliant out there, finishing the game with 3 touchdowns and 270 yards.  And NO interceptions on top of that.  This gives the Hurricanes two straight wins over ranked opponents.  Unfortunately for Miami, it doesn’t get any easier.  Their next match-up is agasint #13 Virginia Tech, and then mighty Oklahoma is on the horizon after that.  Miami 33, Georgia Tech 17.

In the NFL, the New York Jets are talkin’ the talk saying they are going to, quote, “embarrass” the New England Patriots.  Namely, it was free safety Kerry Rhodes doing the talking, saying that they were going to hit Brady more than six times.  Remember, this is a new look Jets team that wants to punish opponents.  Their leader, acquired during the off-season, is Rex Ryan (son of defensive mastermind Buddy Ryan).  These guys want to destroy the Patriots and make a statement to the NFL that they are a force to be reckoned with.


Finally, some news out of the NBA.  It appears that Washington Wizards superstar Gilbert Arenas is angry with his team and wants out.  Arenas is supposedly back to 100% health again after working with renowned trainer to the superstars, Tim Grover.  Apparently, upon reporting to the facility, Grover said Arenas was in bad shape.  However, the Wizards trainers said Arenas was ready to play.  Arenas’ gripe is that the Wizards organization should have held him back longer, rather then letting him get on the court when he was still injured.  That’s how you suffer career ending injuries, by not allowing your body the time it needs to repair. This is obviously not a good way for the Wizards to head into next season.

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