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In the NFL, the Miami Dolphins haven’t exactly gotten off to the best start.  And this past weekend didn’t help anything, as not only did they suffer an embarrassing loss to the San Diego Chargers, but they also lost their starting quarterback, Chad Pennington, for the season.  Not that Pennington was a big prize, but he did seem to the prove a lynch pin that made last year’s offense in Miami finally work.

Tyler Thigpen.jpgWell, their back-up QB situation isn’t too exciting in Miami.  They’re staffed with Chad Henne and Pat White, two nondescript guys, and it looks like it might be a quarterback by committee start every week, which is no way to earn a playoff spot.  However, yesterday they made an acquisition:  Kansas City’s Tyler Thigpen. You may not have heard about him, but he was the only interesting spark for KC at QB last year.  He’s extremely mobile, and very unpredictable.  He’ll run out of the pocket, run back 7 yards, then hurl the ball 50 yards for a touchdown.  He was far from perfect, but there were signs last season that Thigpen could be a good quarterback.  Perhaps with a change of scenery in Miami, Thigpen will finally get his chance.

Elsewhere in sports, some good news from a very bad situation.  Over the weekend, USC’s star running back, Stefon Johnson, suffered a horrifying injury.  Not on the field, but in the weight room.  While bench-pressing, Johnson’s hand slipped and the bar fell down on his throat.  And this is no light amount of weight.  These guys bench upwards of 300 / 400 pounds.  That amount of weight would kill a normal person, but doctors said that because Johnson had such strong neck muscles, it allowed him to keep breathing until someone removed the weight, and was rushed to the hospital.

Well, yesterday, Johnson came out of surgery and gave his mom a thumbs-up, indicating that he was okay.  Obviously not recovered, but okay in the sense that he will live another day.  Sadly, Johnson is currently being fed through a tube in his stomach, and required a tracheotomy to enable him to breathe, but this is the first sign indicating that he will survive the injury.  He most likely will not play football again for USC, but that is the last of his worries at this moment.  Here’s to a 100% recovery to Stefon Johnson.

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