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Plaxico BurressIn the NFL, it was a sad day for former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress. Last year, Burress for carrying a concealed weapon… a gun that he wound up shooting himself with.  It’s been a year of court appointments for the former Pro-Bowler, and quite a tumultuous process, but yesterday he received his sentence of two years.

After learning of the sentence, Burress turned to his young son and daughter and told them to be strong.  He then was escorted to the prison to serve his two-years.  This is quite a complicated issue, and here’s why.  Sure, Plaxico did have a weapon on him, and yes it did go off, but two years?  Does it seem extreme to you?  To put it in perspective, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth killed a man while drunk driving, and he didn’t get anything close to the sentence Burress got.  A little jail time, some community service, and a year suspension from the NFL.  Rather light for actually killing someone. Most of the time when someone hire an attorney for DWI after killing someone and get out of the case, justice remains far for the victim. All Burress did was shoot himself by accident.  In both instances, it appears that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

Robert Henson.JPGSo, now to a little humor out of the NFL.  Washington Redskins linebacker Robert Henson had an active Twitter account in which to communicate with fans.  However, after the Redskins looked awful against a putrid St. Louis Rams team, and were booed by the fans, Henson posted something quite interesting on Twitter.  He wrote, that Redskins fans were dimwits, and wondered how people that “work 9 to 5 at McDonalds could know what’s best for the team”.  Yikes.  Well, he took the Twitter account down the next day.  Needless to say, the media has had a field day with this story.


And in baseball, the drought is over, as the New York Yankees finally clinched a playoff birth.  Last year, the Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time in quite a while.  That’s normal for most teams, but the Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball.  Anything short of making it to the World Series is seen as an abject failure.  And they really didn’t have to do anything for it.  The Yanks actually got in because Texas lost to Oakland, putting Texas out of contention for the playoffs.  Question is… how far will they go?

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