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Terrell OwensIn the NFL, the New England Patriots were on display with their old captain at the helm.  That’s right, Tom Brady made his triumphant return to the Patriots after a season ending injury in Week 1 of last year.  It was also the premiere game for Terrell Owens as a Buffalo Bill.  Needless to say, a lot to watch.  The Pats started off slow, and the Bills even took an early lead.  But, in the 4th quarter, Brady did what he does best, and led the Pats to a major comeback. He hit tight end Ben Watson TWICE for Touchdowns, one in the last minute to clinch the game.  Amazing!  As for Owens, a slow night.  Only 2 catches for under 50 yards total.  That could wind up being some series T.O. drama for Buffalo.  New England 25, Buffalo 24.

Michael CrabtreeElsewhere in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers are considering offering a new deal to their top draft pick, Michael Crabtree.  Crabtree has held out this entire time because he feels he deserves more money.  Sure, doesn’t everyone feel that way.  But Crabtree’s main complaint is that he should be paid as a higher draft pick would, not solely by his draft position.  He has even threatened to leave the 49ers and re-enter the draft next year under the assumption that he would be picked higher, and thus receiver more money.  We’ll see how this plays out.  Coach Mike Singletary, however, has told management to keep him out of it.  He needs to focus on his active 53-man roster, and remain undefeated.

Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles may have looked great on Sunday, trouncing the Carolina Panthers.  But, up by 21 points late in the game, they lost their starting quarterback Donovan McNabb to a rib injury.  Well, McNabb should definitely be out for next week, but the Eagles don’t really have a solid backup. Sure, they grabbed Vick, and the fans want him BAD.  But, realistically, Vick is still slowly making his comeback, and barely knows the Eagles offense.  So the Eagles turned to Jeff Garcia, who led them to the NFC Championship game as a back-up a few years ago.  Hey, why not give him another shot?  He’s available, right.  It’s a worthy experiment for at least a week or two.

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