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Leodis McKelvinIn the NFL, a very interesting story has developed.  After the Buffalo Bills lost to the New England Patriots in the closing minutes of the game, the city of Buffalo was outraged especially because the Bills essentially blew the game on a bad decision from Buffalo Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin.  With under a minute left, he caught the ball in the end zone, and instead of downing it so the offense could run out the clock, he decided to run it out.

Well, after he crossed the 20 yard line, the Patriots forced him to fumble, got the ball back, and scored in the closing seconds of the 4th quarter to win the game.  Buffalo fans were livid, and then… some scary stuff happened.  McKelvin’s lawn was vandelized with profanity in the lawn.  This obviouisly is a crime, but more notably, this is an era where two NFL players were killed in the last few years (Steve McNair and Sean Taylor).  It’s not in good fun anymore, it’s serious business.

McKelvin, however, said he really didn’t mind, and chalked it up to the tenacity of Buffalo fans.  He said fans here were great, and he was proud to see they cared so much about the team’s success.  He even found the profanity in his yard amusing.  At the same time, the Bills’ new wide-receiver, Terrell Owens, didn’t find this as amusing.  He said it’s one thing if it’s kids, but if it’s adults, that’s some sad and scary stuff.

With that said, it was reported yesterday that the vandelisim was the product of two 16-year old kids.  McKelvin said he didn’t want to press charges.  And perhaps his relaxed attitude is out of fear that something worse will happen if he become’s the city’s antagonist.  In fact, he’s expecting a warm welcome when the Bills play their first home game on Sunday.  Owens, on the other hand again, said he and the Bills will have the last laugh when they make the playoffs.  And, all things considered, the Bills did look decent in that game.  He may have a point.

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