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Jorge PosadaSome serious drama in the Bronx.  It was practically a meaningless game between the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees.  Early in the game, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada was hit by a pitch, and pondered charging the mound.  The benches cleared just in case something major happened.  It didn’t.  But, later in the game, Jorge Posada crossed home plate and intentionally bumped into Toronto pitcher Jesse Carlson, and, um, that did it.  The benches cleared and there was quite the brawl.  Roy Halladay picked up another win for Toronto, but unfortunately, their season is long over.  Toronto 10, NY Yankees 4.

Elsewhere in baseball, the American League playoff picture is pretty much set.  So everything right now is essentially just exhibition and preparation.  With that said, the Boston Red Sox took on the Los Angeles Angels in a preview of their post-season battle.  And guess who’s back from injury… Boston superstar pitcher Dice-K.  He went 6 innings against the Angels and pitched marvelously, picking up the win and striking out 5.  He will be an integral part of the Red Sox run to another World Series, to be sure.  Boston 4, LA Angels 1.


And in the NBA, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Jackson was fined $25,000.  Not exactly small change to most people out there.  Why?  Because he publicly stated, in a magazine, that he wanted to be traded.  And according to league rules, players are not permitted to publicly announce trade requests.  That’s supposed to be between management and player.  So Jackson must really want want to be traded if he’s willing to cut a $25,000 check to let the public know.

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