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It was kick-off weekend in the NFL.  Absolutely nothing short of amazing.  Here are some notables:

Tony RomoThe Dallas Cowboys kicked off the season without Terrell Owens as their star receiver.  Many wondered if their passing offense would be as potent without him.  The answer:  Yes.  Tony Romo threw for a career high 353 yards and also chalked up 3 TDs to 3 different receivers (Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, & Miles Austin).  The Cowboys looked sharp, completely beating up the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Now they head home for their premiere game in their deluxe new stadium.  On the flip side, Tampa Bay’s Cadillac Williams had a comeback game, posting 97 yards and a touchdown.  Dallas 34, Tampa Bay 21.

Drew BreesOver in New Orleans, the Saints wanted to get a lightning bolt start, and show the league that they are a serious contender this year.  Fortunately for them, they have (1) Drew Brees — a superstar QB, and (2) they were playing the pitiful Detroit Lions.  Well, lets just say, Drew Brees was ON FIRE.  He threw for not 1, not 2, not 3, 4, 5, but 6 TOUCHDOWNS!!!  He… could… not… be… stopped.  Truly an unbelievable performance.  He finished 358 yards, 6 TDs, and just 1 INT.  Watch out for the Saints this year, they are extremely explosive!!  As for the #1 pick of the draft, Matt Stafford, he finished with no touchdowns and 3 INTs.  New Orleans 45, Detroit 27.

In Cincy, the Bengals were looking for a fresh start.  Their former all-star quarterback Carson Palmer was back, and ready to reignite their high-powered offesne.  Meanwhile, the new look Denver Broncos were hoping to get it done with their new quarterback Kyle Orton (who came over in the bizarre trade for Jay Cutler).  Well, there wasn’t much scoring, and just a few field goals were exchanged.  Then, the Bengals took the lead with under 30 seconds on the clock.  It seemed they would open the season with a win.  But, on the next posession… a miracle.  Denver’s Orton heaved it up, and a Bengal defender tipped the pass directly to… Denver’s Brandon Stokely, who took it all the way for a touchdown.  Purely amazing!  And the Broncos steal a mind-blowing win to start the season.  Denver 12, Cincy 7.

Finally, the NBC Sunday Night Game featured the age-old rivalry:  Green Bay v. Chicago.  It was supposed to be an offensive showdown, with the Packers Aaron Rodgers on an MVP campaign, and the new strong-armed quarterback of the Bears, Jay Cutler, looking to air it out.  However, the game turned into a DEFENSIVE stand still, and Cutler looked putrid in the first half, throwing 3 interceptions.  The Bears came back in the second, but the Packers would have one more chance.  Then, hoping to get in field goal range to take the lead, the Packers found themselves in a 3rd and 1 with about 55 yards in front of them.  On a whim, Aaron Rodgers faked a hand-off, then threw a long bomb to a WIDE OPEN Greg Jennings for a jaw-dropping TD.  Amazing!  Cutler would get one more chance and a minute to take the Bears down the field.  He’s supposed to be their savior, right?  And journalists everywhere were prepared for either super positive or super negative headlines.  But, on the very first play, Cutler threw a nasty interception that would end the game.  He marched off the field with his head hung low.  Now, the Bears have to take this ugly loss back to Chicago to take on the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers.  Green Bay 21, Chicago 15.

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