The Cleveland Cavaliers added another piece to their hopeful championship puzzle this weekend, signing Miami Heat forward Jamario Moon.  The Heat will have 10 days to match the offer, although many feel this is a done deal.  The Heat already have a few players at that position, and are pursuing both the Lakers’ Lamar Odom and Utah’s Carlos Boozer this off-season.  With Moon, the Cavs get a swing-man that could take care of some of scoring load.  Not much, but maybe 10 – 15 points per game.  Hey, any work they can take off LeBron, so he has energy to play top-notch defense, is a great acquisition.


Stewart CinkElsewhere in sports, an exciting finish in one of golf’s major tournaments… the British Open. It came down to Stewart Cink and Tom Watson, the 59 year old veteran.  Tom Watson muscled his way all the way to the finish, forcing a 4-hole playoff against Cink.  But, from that point on, Watson just came unraveled.  On the 3rd playoff hole, Watson crushed the ball into the weeds.  Then, when trying to get himself out of there, just chipped the ball about 15 yards — very frustrating.  Once he got onto the green, he missed an easy putt, scored a double-bogey and his playoff woes continued.  Cink, meanwhile, was masterful, and took the British Open Championship.   However, at the ripe age of 59 years old, he was the crowd favorite and he got a round of respectful applause.


D062434202.jpgIn baseball, there’s an interesting rookie sensation story developing in Philadelphia.  Rookie J.A. Happ has a perfect 6-0 record, and was looking for his 7th straight yesterday.  He pitched 7 great innings, only gave up 5 hits, struck out 4, and didn’t give up any runs.  This guy is good.  The Phillies Raul Ibanez doubled home two runs, Jimmy Rollins knocked one in as well, and the rookie Happ earned his seventh straight win.  More importantly, Philadelphia has won 8 straight, and are pulling away in the NL-East.  They just might repeat as World series champions if they keep playing this good.


Finally, in soccer, the David Beckham saga continues.  He was called out by American soccer star Landon Donovan for not trying hard enough, and retaliated by saying he was the best thing to happen to American soccer.  Well, even his home town fans of the Los Angeles Galaxy disagreed with that claim, as Beckham was booed in his first game back.  There was even a section with a banner that read, “Go Home Fraud”. While he was booed, he still played well, and even kicked a game tying goal.  Didn’t help.  He was booed during that play too.  Beckham should realize, American sports fans don’t like arrogance — regardless of skill level.  Case in point:  Barry Bonds.

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