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Brett Favre.jpgIn the NFL, an update on the Brett Favre saga.  Except this time, Brett Favre has set his own deadline for the Vikings.  In the past few weeks he has had shoulder surgery, worked out for the Vikings, and even (supposedly) received an ultimatum from them.  Now, he said he would let the Vikings know whether or not he will play by July 30th — the start of training camp.  He said he was doing the best he could, and wanted to ensure that he is at full strength for the Vikings if he decides to play.  And if does, it’s going to sell a lot of tickets for the Vikings!  Plus, they play the Packers on Monday Night Football in Week 3.

Next up, the story revolving around the tragic death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair continues.  It turns out that McNair didn’t have a will.  Not a big surprise considering he was only 36, and his wife will now take control of his estate.  A Nashville judge gave her 60 days to get McNair’s assets in order.  This must be incredibly hard for a woman who just lost her husband to a murder-suicide.  We will keep you abreast of how this tradgedy continues to unfold.


57905788And in baseball, a major trade.  Pedro Martinez, likely one of the top 20 players of all time, is switching teams again.  After his glory years in Boston, he jumped ship to play with the New York Mets.  Now, with a little gas still left in the tank, Martinez is headed to the World Series Champions:  The Philadelphia Phillies.  The Phillies are expected to be in the playoffs again this year, and Pedro has said that “they need a little help, and he thinks that he can help them”.  Bottom line is this — if they DO get to the playoffs, having Pedro pitch in any clutch game should make any coach feel comfortable.


Donovan & BeckhamAnd finally, the drama revolving around soccer mega-star David Beckham continues in full force.  Last week, U.S. soccer hero Landon Donovan called out Beckham, saying David didn’t really try while he played with the Los Angeles Galaxy, and definitely didn’t deserve to be the highest paid player in the league.  Donovan said it’s fine that Beckham is there to boost the reputation of the league, but Beckham should have to play at full potential.  Donovan continued, ‘He didn’t even show up to games if he was injured.  He should at least be there.’ Now, Beckham says he has no reason to apologize.  He said he did play hard, and is the best thing to happen to that league.  Sure, very egotistical, but the real question is… how will this controversy affect his play this season?

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