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Manny Ramirez.JPGIt looks like the most entertaining part of the season is Manny Ramirez’ return to the sport.  He has been getting heavily booed by opposing stadiums, and simultaneously cheered on by Dodger fans.  For those of you who can’t remember, Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games for steroid use.  He did his time, but the fans don’t seem to be too forgiving in his comeback.  They feel all his accomplishments were tarnished by drug-use, and in baseball, that’s just one more reason to hiss.

Well, things didn’t get much better last night, as Manny traveled to play the New York Mets.  He had a great game, driving in 3 R.B.I.s to give the Dodgers a win, but if the expected booing wasn’t enough, he provoked the fans just a little more.  After a called ‘Strike 3’, Manny slammed his helmet down on the ground, and argued with the umpire.  That was gasoline on the fire for Met fans, and they let him have it even more.  Then, the umpire ejected him from the game.  So Manny took a walk of shame towards the outfield, as the whole New York Met community really let him have it.  However… Dodgers 8, NY Mets 0.


Mike BibbyElsewhere in sports, the Atlanta Hawks are doing their best to protect what assets earned them the #4 spot in the East.  Sure, the Hawks are an afterthought of last season’s phenomenal playoffs.  But, for Hawks fans, it was a tremendous achievement.  They had been at the bottom of the standings for practically the entire decade.  In 2008 they gave the Celtics a 7-game run in Round 1, and this year they beat the Heat to advance.  Now, the Hawks organization have re-signed point-guard Mike Bibby to a 3-year deal.  If the Hawks can swing a key free agent signing this summer, well… they probably still couldn’t do any better than the #4 seed in the East.  Expect to see the Cavs, Celtics, and Magic in the top spots again.


Finally, as many know, yesterday was the (now infamous) Michael Jackson memorial service.  Well, the Tennessee Titans organization don’t want all the Jackson tributes and media coverage to completely overshadow the tragic death of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair.  He was a hero to the community, and beloved by the city.  In his honor, the Titans are opening their stadium today and Thursday for a 2-day memorial.  Fans can stop by and sign a wall, and highlights of McNair’s career will play on screens throughout the stadium.

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