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Steve NashIn the NBA, there has been some speculation that the Phoenix Suns’ Steve Nash might pursue other teams.  He’s always wanted a ring, and given that he’s a free agent in 2010, and many thought he would head to the Knicks (as that’s where he spends his off-seasons).  He’s on the down slope of his career, and the Suns look to be entering a borderline re-building stage.  However, yesterday the Suns locked up Nash for 2 more years, keeping him off the free agent market in 2010.  And for the next two years, he will be earning a whopping $22 million.  And this is in addition to the 13 million he will make next year.  Question is, will this move pay off for the Suns?


Michael Vick.jpgMichael Vick was officially released from federal custody.  This means that his ankle bracelet came off.  Now he has a long road ahead of him to get to the NFL.  First off, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has to officially re-instate him, and make him eligible for the NFL.  He plans to hire superstar conditioning coach Tom Shaw to help him get ready.  However, getting back will be a tough because teams don’t necessarily want to roll the dice on Vick.  Plus, he takes a lot of publicity away from what the team wants cameras to focus on in the off-season.

There is a good chance that Vick could play for the United Football League.  This would allow him the opportunity to get back in shape, get a feel for the football field again, and show the NFL that he is serious about a comeback.  That it’s not just about the money, he’s actually remorseful, and wants to play the sport he’s been born to play.  Remember, this guy is a freak athlete.  Some think he could play in Orlando for former New Orleans Saints coach Jim Haslett.  With an offensive mind like Haslett’s, Vick could really show the league what he’s made of.  However, if Vick does get a chance in the NFL, it would most likely be as a receiver or a back-up quarterback.


Finally, uh-oh, baseball has its favorite rivalry back in full swing.  Yesterday, the Red Sox beat the Orioles to move into a first place tie with the New York Yankees.  This will set off a race for the AL East title for the rest of the season that will be a thrill ride to watch.  While anything can happen in the playoffs, these two teams are all about bragging rights in the regular season.  Just the day of being pronounced “the winner of your division” is enough to throw in the face of the rival fan base.  Boston 2, Baltimore 1.

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