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Brett Favre.jpgWell, that’s it.  You won’t have to read anymore stories about it.  Brett Favre... has officially retired.  The Vikings were awaiting his decision on whether or not he would play for them next season.  He had successful shoulder surgery, and the Vikes were actually optimistic Favre would be wearing purple.  But in the past 3 months, Favre had been doing some intense soul-searching, and said this decision is the hardest he’s had to make.  Ultimately, he said he just didn’t think he could play to a level that would be acceptable.  Remember, he is 39 years old.  And the sun has set on a legend… again.

Tony DungyElsewhere in the NFL, former Indianapolis Colts, and Super Bowl champion, coach Tony Dungy has agreed to mentor Michael Vick in his comeback.  Vick has said that his priority is getting his life in order, and this inspired Dungy to want to help Vick rehabilitate for the NFL.  Dungy has said that he thinks Vick deserves a chance to prove to people that he has changed.  Plus, Vick wants to help young people, and serve as a good role model.  With Dungy’s help, Vick could actually really surprise some people.  And there’s a chance that he could go to the UFL and play right away.


In some swimming news, Michael Phelps (holder of 8 gold medals) had a major setback yesterday.  In Phelps best race, the 200meter freestyle, not only did Michael Phelps finish second to Germany’s Paul Biedermann, but Biedermann took away Phelps’ world record in the process.  Biedermann beat Phelps by almost a full second!  Phelps is not a guy who likes to lose, especially because he’s not used to it, and standing in the 2nd place position was extremely tough for him.  Hopefully, he will rebound quickly, and reassume pole position.


Mark BuehrleFinally, in baseball, Mark Buehrle, the recent PERFECT GAME hero, set another feat yesterday.  Coming off his magical game, Buehrle retired 17 batters in a row against the Twins, giving him the record for most consecutive batters retired.  That’s 45 up, and 45 down.  This means that Buehrle was en route to pitching two perfect games in a row.  That’s incredible!!  The Hall of Fame would have inducted him immediately after the game.  Unfortunately, he gave up a hit in the 6th with two outs, and eventually would give up 5 runs.  So his team did lose, but he’s still having a season for the ages.  Minnesota 5, Chicago White Sox 3.

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