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In the NFL, there seems to be a small shift happening.  Recently Michael Vick was mentioned alongside the upstart United Football League.  If he doesn’t get reinstated to the NFL, there’s a chance he would be play for the UFL, a league designed to catch NFL excess.  Well, now Bills backup quarterback J.P. Losman has opted to play in the UFL as opposed to being a back-up in the NFL.  Buffalo essentially told him he would be second fiddle to Trent Edwards.  And at 28 years old, he opted for playing time instead of sitting on the bench.  Perhaps playing in the UFL will attract more NFL scouts than riding the sidelines in the pros.  After all, if nobody sees you play in a live game, how do they know you can do the job?


Lance ArmstrongIn cycling, Lance Armstrong came out recently and said he didn’t think he had a chance of winning the Tour De France this year.  He said he plans to help his teammate Alberto Contador win the coveted Yellow Jersey leader position.  However, yesterday Armstrong had a tremendous day, and accelerated into second place.  Now, Armstrong’s confidence is restored, and winning is a possibility.  Lance said he still plans to help his teammate Contador win the event, but could assume the leader position if Contador has a “bad day”.  Lance winning the Tour De France this year is doubtful, but fans around the world would love to see him win his 8th straight.


And some interesting news out of college basketball.  Former UCLA basketball great Ed O’ Bannon, who helped the Bruins win a National Championship in 1995, is suing the NCAA.  He said that the NCAA is unfairly using his image (and the image of other players) to sell DVDs and promote for upcoming events (i.e. March Madness).  For example, the NCAA might sell a DVD of best moments of college basketball, but the student athletes receive none of the proceeds.  O’Bannon felt this was unfair, as student athletes are FORCED to sign away all their rights.  The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, and we will see how this story progresses.


Finally, the Philadelphia Phillies are red-hot right now, and were looking for their 10th straight win.  They took on the Cubs, and were tied in the 4th inning.  The game took us all the way into the 13th inning, when with 2 on base, the Phillies Jayson Werth, who’s having an incredible season, blasted a home run to give the Phils their 10th straight win!  These guys are a blast to watch right now.  If they’re on, catch ’em.  Philadelphia 4, Chicago Cubs 1.

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