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Ryan Howard.JPGPhiladelphia Phillies’ Ryan Howard set a milestone yesterday in his 658th career game.  He became the fastest player to reach 200 Home-Runs.  Howard is 29 years old right now, and now many are trying to predict how many career home-runs he will hit.  Ralph Kiner was the previous record-holder, but Ryan Howard said he basically has no idea who that is.  And in some bonus news, the Phillies went on to win the game against the Marlins.  Philadelphia 4, Florida 0.

The Manny Ramirez booing tour is finally over.  Booing Tour?  Yep, Manny Ramirez came back in the middle of a Dodgers road trip, and he was booed at every stadium.  Well, yesterday, he came back to Dodger Stadium and was greeted with thunderous cheering.  Unfortunately for Dodger fans, however, Humberto Quintero and the Houston Astros pummeled them, and concluded Manny’s homecoming by shutting him and Dodgers out.  Houston 3, LA Dodgers 0.


Elsewhere in sports, some free agency news out of the NBA.  Last year, when Carlos Boozer went down with an injury, the Utah Jazz found that they had a diamond on their bench.  A second-round draft pick named Paul Millsap.  Millsap stepped in for Boozer and played phenomenoly.  So well, in fact, that the Jazz said they might shop Boozer around in the off-season.  Just last week there was serious interest from the Chicago Bulls to bring Boozer in.  Well, Boozer is now leaning towards staying with the Jazz, and Millsap got a lucrative offer from Portland.  Now, the Jazz organization has stated that they will match the Blazers offer of $32 million, and try to keep Millsap in purple. If the Blazers acquired Millsap, they would most likely shop their Power Forward LaMarcus Aldridge, and try to bring in a key missing piece.

Ricky RubioAlso out of the NBA, it appears that the Minnesota Timberwolves really want their #5 draft pick, Ricky Rubio, to play with them next season.  This youngster has been hailed as the next phenom in sports.  His YouTube highlight reels garner millions of views, and he was a sensation on Spain’s Olympic team.  Well, he is under contract to play for DKV Joventut in Spain next season, and the only way the Wolves can get him is if they buy him out for 6.6. Million.  With this said, Wolves President David Kahn will travel to Spain and try to convince them to lower the price tag for Rubio.  Rubio was concerned that he wouldn’t get lucrative endorsement deals from playing in Minnesota, but it appears that sponsors are drooling over him simply because of his baby-face looks.

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