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The Detroit Pistons continued a very interesting streak.  Over the past couple seasons, Detroit has been a consistently tough team to beat.  But, they just can’t seem to beat the Utah Jazz.  It’s known as the Jazz curse in Detroit.  Utah matches up very well with Detroit’s big men, and seems to have their number.  Last night was no different, as Utah won their 7th straight game over the Pistons.  Jazz point guard Derron Williams led the way with 29 points and 8 assists.  Meanwhile, Iverson lit it up with 38 points for the Pistons, but it just wasn’t enough.  Utah 120, Detroit 114.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Celtics keep on steamrolling through their competition.  They won their 17th straight game against Chicago.  But the guy who really stepped up wasn’t one of the Big 3 (Garnett, Allen, Pierce), nor was it their up-and-coming speedy point guard, Rajon Rondo.  Nope, it was center Kendrick Perkins.  He looked fantastic with 25 points and 8 rebounds.  These guys are jelling to the Nth degree, and don’t seem like they plan to stop anytime soon.  Now, the Celtics are 25-2, and just one win away from tying the franchise record win streak of 18 games.  Boston 126, Chicago 108.


In some off-season baseball news, the World Baseball Classic is upon us.  This is a new event, and is essentially the World Cup of baseball.  Basically, major league baseball consists of so many nationalities that people wanted to see which nation would reign supreme if there was a former competition.  However, three of last year’s biggest stars, Brad Lidge, Cole Hamels, and Ryan Howard, all members of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies, have officially told Team USA that they do not want to be considered for the roster.   They basically said they’ve had enough baseball for a while, and need to rest this off season.  Bad news for Team USA, but it’s understandable.


First year Washington Redskins coach, Jim Zorn, the heir apparent to the great Joe Gibbs, seems to be keeping his job.  Many thought he might be ousted after only one year, partly because the Washington head coaching job is historically difficult to keep (given the demanding nature of their fan base), but also because Clinton Portis, their star running back, has publicly called him out for being a bad coach.  On the flip side, the Skins had a pretty good season this year, and Zorn just might be in the safe zone until the end of the season.

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Ravens in their last game at Texas Stadium. The Cowboys got close in the final minutes, but it wasn’t nearly enough and the Ravens pulled out a 33-24 win.

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