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It seems this National recession has affected the National Football League as well.  Yesterday, Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that 150 people would be laid off across all sectors:  Headquarters in New York, NFL Films in New Jersey, and television and production facilities in Los Angeles.  They even announced earlier this year that playoff ticket prices would be lowered by 10%.  The NFL is by far the most profitable of all major American sports, but even they are not recession proof.

Elsewhere in the NFL, Washington Redskins star running back Clinton Portis has publicly called out their rookie head coach, Jim Zorn.  Zorn pulled Portis out of the game against the Baltimore Ravens in the first half, citing that Portis’ lack of practice time that week had finally caught up to him.  Well… Portis… didn’t… like… that.  He said, “Either you feel like you need to sever ties with me — split ties with me — but don’t sit here and throw me out like I don’t pay attention, like I don’t know what’s going on, like I’m making mistakes, like I’m the problem,” Portis said. “It is what it is, bro.”  In short, Portis feels disrespected by his coach.  And when you’ve got this kind of dynamic going on — that can pretty much put the cap on playoff hopes.


A stunning upset.  The Lakers were 16-2 on the year, crushing almost all teams in the path.  However, last night they headed up north to Sacramento to face the Kings; a Kings team looking to snap an 8-game home losing streak.  The game was close, and Kobe put up 28 points, but it was simply the Kings night.  John Salmons led the way for Sacramento with 21 points, and the Kings closed the lid on both their home losing stretch AND… the Lakers.  Sacramento 113, LA Lakers 101.


The coveted free agent this off season is definitely C.C. Sabathia. Yesterday, there was rumor that he would head to the Dodgers, but today it was reported that the Yankees paid him a visit.  THAT… is never good for any team hoping to land a star free agent, as the Yanks have the money to spend.  But this doesn’t scare teams off, and it was also reported that the San Francisco Giants met with C.C. as well, and they plan to meet again.  Perhaps they are just as much in the running to land him.  This would be great news for SF Giants fans, as their team has been rather awful the last few years.  We’ll keep you posted on the Sabathia drama as it unfolds.

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