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Quick question:  What the heck happened to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tavaris Jackson. He was the starting QB when the season began, but after too awful performances he was relegated to the bench.  Now, with an injured Gus Frerotte, Jackson got the chance to start again.  And it seems that watching and learning worked out well for Jackson.  He had, count ’em, four Touchdown passes against Arizona on Sunday, and looked like a totally different player.  Their running back, Adrian Peterson, also had a phenomenal day with 165 rushing yards.  If Minny makes the playoffs, their solid defense, and now emerging offense make them a serious Super Bowl threat.  Minnesota 35, Arizona 14.

In Houston, the Texans looked to continue their win streak against the dominant Tennessee Titans.  And they got a huge day from their star Wide Receiver, Andre Johnson.  He had a total of 207 yards and TD, making him the first player in franchise history to have a 200 yard game.  Another franchise record was broken, as their rookie running back, Steve Slaton, rushed for yet another 100-yard game, giving him a total of 1,124 rushing yards.  With that number, he passes Dominick Williams in 2003 for most rushing yards by a rookie.  Houston 13, Tennessee 12.

In Indianapolis, the winless Lions were hoping to finally break that ugly streak.  They played well, and their star Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson had 110 yards and a TD, but their defense simply couldn’t put the brakes on the Peyton Manning show; namely the chemistry between Manning and his Tight End, Dallas Clark.  Clark had 142 yards and a TD on the day, and the Lions continue to have a donut in the win column.  They only have two more chances to nab a win.  If they don’t, nobody really wants to hear excuses for NOT WINNING A SINGLE GAME!  Indianapolis 31, Detroit 21.

Finally, in Jacksonville, the Packers came to town hoping to keep their slim shot at the playoffs alive.  When the season began, QB Aaron Rodgers and Packers looked terrific.  The Brett Favre era in Green Bay seemed to be definitively over, and a new guy would lead them to the promised land.  But as the season progressed, the Packers did not.  They were a mistake ridden team, and are now fighting to get into the playoffs.  Well, on the last drive of the game, with all their playoff hopes on the line, Rodgers threw an interception to effectively end their season.  There will be grumblings in Wisconsin during the off-season, to be sure.  Meanwhile, Old Man Brett Favre is close to clinching a playoff spot with the New York Jets.  Go figure.   Jacksonville 20, Green Bay 16.