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Monday Night marked a first in sports history:  The Houston Texans made their debut on Monday Night Football.  Never before had they been on the Monday Night stage, and they sure made the most of it.  The 4-7 Texans simply came alive against a struggling Jacksonville Jaguar team.  Speedy rookie running back Steve Slaton put on an incredible show rushing for 130 yards on the ground with two TDs.  But, their defense looked amazing too, led by former #1 pick Mario Williams.  He had three sacks, forced a fumble, and clearly appears to have been the right #1 pick over Reggie Bush and Vince Young (um, there was a lot of controversy at the time). The Texans are practically out of the playoff hunt, but it was certainly a thrill ride for hopeful Houston fans.  Houston 30, Jacksonville 17.

Elsewhere in the NFL, it looks like the Cleveland Browns will be without their… 2nd String QB for the rest of the year.  Derek Anderson was injured in Sunday’s loss to the Colts, and their 1st String QB, Brady Quinn, was lost the week prior.  Now the Browns, who have been eliminated from the playoffs, will go to battle with 3rd String QB Ken Dorsey.  He, for what it’s worth, used to be the star quarterback for the University of Miami when they were good earlier this decade.  So, um, take some solace in that Browns fans.


And in some cycling news, Mr. Invincible Lance Armstrong has formally declared he will race not only The Tour De France in 2009, but also the Giro D’Italia.  This is the first time he has ever competed in both in the same year; an incredible workload for a 37-year-old cancer survivor coming off three years retirement.  However, Armstrong said that he might not be as focused on winning the entire thing this year, but rather playing a key supporting role for his team.


The New York Knicks have officially banished former star Point Guard Stephon Marbury from anything Knicks related.  They’ve simply had it with this guy, and have been trying to buy out his contract to get him as far away from the organization as possible.  Even Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni feels he can’t contribute any of his skills to the team.  However, they simply can’t get rid of the guy, because they can’t agree on buyout terms.  Eventually they will, but the question remains… is there another team out there for him?

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