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Well, the BCS picture became much clearer yesterday, but it’s not all set in stone yet.

The first big game of the day:  The SEC Championship. The rugged, smash mouth style of #1 Alabama vs. the finesse offense of #4 Florida.  And essentially, the winner would advance to the National Championship Game.  The first half was a neck and neck battle, with Florida taking a narrow 17-10 lead into the half.  Alabama tied it up in the 3rd quarter with a two yard Touchdown run from Alabama running back Mark Ingram.  But then — Florida took over, and sealed the victory with 2:50 left in 4th quarter, as Florida QB Tim Tebow connected with his roommate Riley Cooper for a five yard TD pass.  Tebow had 216 yards and 3 TDs on the day, as Florida prevailed over the unbeaten Alabama Crimson Tide.  Florida 31, Alabama 20.

In day’s second featured match-up, it was the Big 12 Championship between the #2 Oklahoma Sooners and the #20 Missouri Tigers.  Many felt it should have been a rematch between #3 Texas and #2 Oklahoma, but because of how the divisions work in the Big 12, this is (unfortunately) the game we get.  And this game was 100% ‘The Oklahoma Show’.  The contest was over by halftime, as Oklahoma led 38-7.   The second half — more destruction.  Oklahoma’s Heisman candidate QB threw for 384 yards and 2 TDs, and their running back, Moisses Madu, ran for 114 yards and three TDs.  This game was a pure massacre.  Oklahoma 62, Missouri 21.

Now, theoretically, Florida should play Oklahoma for the BCS Championship.  However, many still think this doesn’t prove anything.  Both those teams have one loss, and Florida’s loss was against an unranked Ole Miss team.  Plus, even though Alabama lost, it was at the hands of a dominant Florida team.  That loss isn’t half as bad as falling to an unranked team.  And there’s Texas, who beat Oklahoma, as well as USC who only has one loss themselves.  Lets not forget Utah either — THEY’RE UNDEFEATED!  Essentially, this BCS system has created a huge mess yet again.  Can’t we just get a playoff already.


Finally, in some boxing news, it was a HUGE fight night in Las Vegas, as pretty boy Oscar De La Hoya took on Manny Pacquiao.  Pacquiao was ranked by experts as one of the world’s best fighters, but De La Hoya… is De La Hoya.  However, it looks like Oscar’s best days might be behind him as Manny Pacquiao was ready and prepared and simply whooped up on De La Hoya.  The fight was called in the 8th round, as the handsome Oscar sat in a corner with bruises all over his face and his eye swollen shut. Pacquiao, on the other hand, proved to the world that he has arrived, and is now a force to be reckoned with.

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