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The Rose Bowl bound Penn State has given their 82-year old head coach, Joe Paterno, a 3-year extension.  That’s truly remarkable!  After they won the Big 10 this year, Joe Paterno had hip replacement surgery.  Joe ‘Pa’ has been with the team for 43 years, and apparently wants to keep on coaching.  Of course he has help on the sideline, and there are stipulations in the contract that give Penn State a way out if anything ‘happens’, or if Joe just wants to retire and chill.  But for now, Paterno is still calling the shots in State College, PA.


Some interesting (and historic) Pro Bowl selections came out today.  Peyton Manning will be making his ninth trip to the Pro Bowl.  And his brother, NY Giants Quarterback Eli Manning, will be making his first.  For the first time in Pro Bowl history, two brothers will start at quarterback for opposing teams.  Granted, they will probably only play one half of football, but the spectacle alone will be fun to watch.  Plus, one of them might be coming off a Super Bowl win.

Last week, the Cowboys clubhouse was plagued by Terrell Owens supposed complaints.  He allegedly said that Tony Romo and Tight End Jason Witten were spending time drawing up plays, and that Romo threw to Witten even when he [Owens] was open.  Well… according to an ESPN interview with Terrell Owens, this was all false.  Owens claims he never made those complaints, and it was just a made up rumor by an “unnamed player”.  Sound dramatic.  Why can’t these guys just play football?


There was an all-star studded game between the Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets.  These two teams have always been highlight reels, but their marquee players are usually injured at one time or another, and you never see the show all at once.  Well… last night everybody was out.  Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming, Ron Artest, Carmelo Anthony, and… Chauncy Billups, who has completely turned the Nuggets around since arriving.  The Nuggets seem to have gotten the better side of that Allen Iverson trade.  The Nuggets looked to keep their 4-game winning streak alive, but the Rockets were just too much.  Behind Tracy McGrady’s triple-double (20pts, 14 Rebs, 10 Assts), the Rockets rolled.  But… Denver fans truly have something to cheer about this season.