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Kobe Bryant returned to his hometown Philadelphia to take on the 76ers.  The Lakers were coming off a last second loss to the Pacers and were hoping to rebound.  Unfortunately for Kobe, they like to boo him (a lot) in Philly.  But this didn’t phase his game one iota, as he put up 32 points in a Lakers win.  The Sixers, on the other hand, were supposed to be able to compete in the East this year with the likes of Boston, Cleveland, and Detroit.  But the whole Elton Brand experiment hasn’t worked out so well for them.  They even lost him to injury in the 3rd quarter.  He will be evaluated on Thursday.  LA Lakers 114, Philadelphia 102.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Boston Celtics continue their domination.  They are currently 18-2 this year, and seem like they can take anybody anytime.  Behind their young point guard, Rajon Rondo, the Celtics annihilated the Indiana Pacers.  Rondo had his first triple-double of his career (a landmark for any player) and looks to be a legitimate all-star point guard.  He had 16 points, 17 assists, and 13 rebounds.  Great draft pick Boston!  Boston 114, Indiana 96.


Two small schools have finished with perfect records.  Boise State and Ball State.  Knowing they probably won’t play in a major BCS bowl, the two schools have proposed playing EACH OTHER.  This has gained national attention, as who wouldn’t be excited by two undefeated teams dukeing it out.  The two of them facing off would be much more exciting than their inevitable boring and forgettable bowl game.  However, to make college football even more frustrating, the two teams simply can’t seem to make it happen.  They talked about playing on a neutral site, but both athletic directors have vetoed the idea, and are sticking to playing in traditional bowl games.  Probably either The Motor City Bowl or the GMAC bowl.  Boooorrrrrinnnngg.  Boise and Ball State will probably take on some mediocre team from the ACC or something.  This is a great shame for Boise and Ball State fans, but just as disappointing for sports fans everywhere.

Finally, Notre Dame, who has been putrid ever since the Brady Quinn era, has decided to keep head coach Charlie Weis for at least one more season.  Weis’ first season was terrific, leading the Fighting Irish to a BCS bowl.  But since then… um, not so terrific.  There was a closed door meeting between Weis and the head of Notre Dame athletics about how they could make Notre Dame great again.  Remember — Notre Dame is probably the most famous college football program there is (anyone see the movie Rudy?).  And now, they are horrible and irrelevant.  But — Notre Dame is sticking with the Weiss plan, but be assured, if they stink again next year — Charlie Weiss will be packing his bags.

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