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Cooper Puts On Show For Dallas Win, Powerful Chicago D Wins, Saints 10th Straight Victory, Irving “bleeps” Thanksgiving


The highlight of the Thanksgiving day NFL games featured newly acquired Dallas Cowboy receiver Amari Cooper (traded a few weeks ago for a first round pick from the Oakland Raiders) putting on a show and helping his team win over their rival Washington Redskins. Cooper finished the game with eight receptions, 180 yards and two touchdowns. Cowboys 31, Redskins 23

The Chicago Bears had a short week playing late last Sunday and then again yesterday. Thanks to a powerful defense, the Bears beat the Detroit Lions. The Bears lead the League in turnover margins this season and now have a 5-game win streak as a reward.  Bears 23, Lions 16.

In the late game on Thursday, the New Orleans Saints easily shut down the Atlanta Falcons for their 10th straight victory. The Saints defense should be credited with never letting the Falcons find their rhythm forcing fumbles and causing sacks. According to Saints defense end Camearon Jordan, “I do love the way that we played today. I do love the four turnovers. I do love the sacks. I do love the pressures. I do love the quarterback hits. For all terms and purposes, we had our Thanksgiving.” Saints 31, Falcons 17.


Boston Celtics’ guard Kyrie Irving apologized for using profanity when describing the Thanksgiving holiday. After losing to the New York Knicks on Wednesday night, a reporter wished Irving a Happy Thanksgiving. Irving replied, “bleep” Thanksgiving. Irving apologized later saying “I spoke w/ frustration after last nights game and spoke words that shouldn’t be in a professional setting no matter what. Meant no disrespect to the Holiday and those who celebrate it respectfully. I’m grateful for the time We all can share with our families. We are always ONE.” According to reports, Irving’s frustration with the holiday is due to his Native American Heritage.

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