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DJ Durkin Fired 24 Hrs After Reinstatement, Butler Sits While Rose Scores 50


One day after the University of Maryland Board of Regents announced they were re-instating head football coach DJ Durkin, the President of the school Wallace Loh, fired him.  Durkin was blamed for Jordan McNair’s death. McNair was an offensive lineman who collapsed on the practice field after suffering from heatstroke and seizures.  According to reports, Durkin created a “toxic environment” for the team. There was a tremendous backlash from the players, the faculty and political leaders when it was announced Durkin was returning.  Jordan’s father Marty McNair said he was relieved for his family and for the teammates. He said, “This could have happened to anybody’s child. I think that was the relatable experience for everyone. We don’t send our children away to be bullied, to be called names, to feel inferior. We send our young people away to be developed as young people and have fun while they’re doing it.”


Jimmy Butler did not play in the Minnesota Timberwolves matchup against the Utah Jazz Wednesday night (saying his body was hurting), but thankfully veteran and former MVP Derrick Rose stunned the crowd with an exciting career-high 50 points. After the game, an emotional Rose said, “(It means) everything. I work my ass off. I’m doing anything just to win. I play my heart out. My teammates told me before the game to just play my game and tonight was a hell of a night.” Butler is receiving a lot of backlash for sitting out the game and focusing on himself and not what’s best for the team. Timberwolves, 128, Jazz 125.