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Saga Of Todd Marinovich, Michigan Loses 3 Players And One Over A Barbecue


For anyone old enough to remember former USC superstar quarterback Todd Marinovich, the sad saga continues. He was recently found naked in a neighbors yard and arrested for drug possession. Marinovich was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1991 with the 24th pick (ahead of Brett Favre) but after multiple failed drug tests even the Hair drug test offered by, was released after on only a few games. The fascinating and upsetting story of Marinovich was captured in a Sports Illustrated story from 1988 describing Todd’s fathers obsession with turning him into a star athlete:

“He is, in a real sense, America’s first test-tube athlete. He has never eaten a Big Mac or an Oreo or a Ding Dong. When he went to birthday parties as a kid, he would take his own cake and ice cream to avoid sugar and refined white flour. He would eat homemade catsup, prepared with honey. He did consume beef but not the kind injected with hormones. He ate only unprocessed dairy products. He teethed on frozen kidney. When Todd was one month old, Marv was already working on his son’s physical conditioning. He stretched his hamstrings. Pushups were next.”

MichiganIn college football, the University of Michigan has lost three recruits in the last two days. On Monday, after losing defensive tackle Leonard Taylor, Aubrey Solomon, a defensive lineman, decommitted after a thank you note mistake. The recruit was sent a thank you note for a barbecue he never attended and took the slight personally. He said it was “heartbreaking” to be so high on their list and then be confused with someone else. On Wednesday, yet another player, offensive lineman Jalil Irvin also decommitted claiming he needed more time to discuss the decision with his mom and coaches.

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